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Do you have an iPhone and want to get free training in Financial Management, Project Management and/or Negotiations?
The European project MOVE-ON offers you the opportunity to follow three full management courses from your iPhone and even get a certificate of successful attendance from the educational institutions that developed the courses!

The goal of the MOVE-ON project is to develop and demonstrate a new educational model for adult lifelong learning and personal development on mobile devices. The application and content is available free of charge in English, Greek, Italian, Bulgarian and Hungarian.

To participate in any of the three courses developed within the project, download the MOVE-ON application from the AppStore. The only technical requirement is that you have an iPhone with iOS 5. For more information, please refer to the User Manual.

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The MOVE-ON project aims at designing, developing and validating new vocational education possibilities ready to be offered in short episodes (max 10 minutes each) during 'non-place' events with the goal to increase the overall volume of participation of adults in vocational education.

Learning at the 'non-place' refers to learning which takes place in spaces of temporary, transient activity (such as airports, supermarkets, hotel rooms, highways, etc.), in general in time and place that would normally be mostly 'downtime'. The tendency of more and more adults carrying powerful portable devices provides a well-exploitable opportunity for learning.

Adult learners' re-entry into the learning environment, in many instances, requires a leap of courage, and yet their learning success is integral to the health of communities and the economy. These learners, whether busy parents, young adults or seniors who would like to stay professionally active, will only be able to (re-)enter or stay in the workforce if they become life-long learners.

Learning on-the-move holds a promise for providing opportunities for adults to stay in-line with their career, personal and educational goals, to keep pace with professional and societal changes and with the new formal requirements in the modern labour market.

The MOVE-ON Lifelong Learning Project ended in December 2012.

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