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MOVE-ON has already identified and categorized the targeted sectors, the end-users and their needs.

Initially, the short term target groups will be composed of individuals selected from the participants and organizations that participate in the project as well as the ones that will receive the output of the project within the context of the dissemination activities. The individuals will have the profile of an adult professional, active in social life, who needs to upgrade his/her professional skills, to acquire vocational education and to expand or to certify professional knowledge. The organizations will be vocational education providers and business education institutions: the two participating in the project (ALBA and COREP) and the ones that will be approached during the dissemination activities.

With regards to the individuals (adult learners) at least 50 graduate adults will be engaged by each academic/education-related partner (ALBA, COREP and ITD) and they will participate as end-users giving important consultation and feedback to the consortium. This list of (at least 150) users will be expanded with more users that will receive the output of the project within the context of the dissemination activities. For that purpose EDEN's professional network will be exploited. It consists of around 1100 individual members representing over 420 institutions from 58 countries. The exact number of external-to-the-project participating individuals depends on the success of the dissemination activities but the target is set to more than 100 individuals.

With regards to the organizations (VET providers for adults) the short term goal includes the two VET providers participating in the project (ALBA and COREP) and the goal is to expand this basis with the involvement of as many as possible organizations from:

  • EDEN's extensive professional network (consists of 194 institutional members from 58 countries) and
  • COREP's network (It is composed of 3 Piedmont universities, local bodies, entrepreneurial associations and industrial players including many SMEs).

Initially, organisations that offer the same educational subjects (Project Management, Financial Management and Negotiations) will be selected but later this selection will be expanded to include VET providers of any subject.

After the end of the project's duration, the scope will be widened and organizations providing continuing vocational training within and outside the selected subjects will also be targeted. Since such institutions might be offering programs in a variety of fields, potential implications of such diversity need to be assessed in due time, as to focus on fields that are better served through the output of the project.

Subsequently, the business community will also be approached, in specific, business organizations that design and implement in-house vocational training programs but also any individual employee who needs further education. The needs of the learners within corporate settings and their positioning within the demanding pace of everyday and working lives allow for interfaces with the proposed project to emerge and the relevance of mobile learning environments in these contexts to be highlighted. But the future educational material may well be of other more entertaining nature allowing hard working individuals to spend their spare time to learn something they have always wanted to learn but never had enough time, such as art, culture, general psychology, etc. As in the previous case, this target group involves business organizations from a variety of sectors and business activities.




Last update: 11 April 2013

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