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Project progress - December 2011

Following a three-fold approach, (1) examination of the existing literature on learning theories and methods with relation to mobile learning; (2) looking at mobile learning in practice – by research and analysis of previous mobile learning endeavours; and (3) exploiting the project partners’ rich experience and expertise in adult learning through brief use cases, the MOVE-ON team has concluded a comprehensive study to elaborate the training program’s philosophy, structure and content, and to establish a strong foundation for the MOVE-ON training model and future course developments.

The development work is now at the stage where the actual courses, that will be adapted for mobile devices (for iPhones, to be precise), are selected and broken down to “bite sized” learning granulates. The chosen course topics, that are expected to be popular in the circle of the project’s target groups, are Project Management, Financial Management and Negotiations.

Each MOVE-ON course will consist of a series of 20 ten-minute episodes. These will be highly interactive as a result of a combination of informative and experimental elements (text, videos, photos, animations, exercises, games, etc.). Each course will end with an evaluation test to assess the learners’ newly attained knowledge and skills. The mobile learning experience will include additional support in the form of tutoring, and through the establishment of online fora for each course with a provision to record learning progress (download the completed episodes from phones, so that they can be replaced by new learning materials).


Last update: 11 April 2013

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