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Pilot use and evaluation results

The MOVE-ON mobile learning application and respective educational content were pilot used, tested and evaluated by users throughout Europe. A multi-step evaluation process involving more than 330 target users was adopted to assess the outcomes of MOVE-ON project. According to focused project objectives, the main goals of the Deployment and Evaluation Plan have been focused on:

  • Usability and content quality of MOVE-ON Application (Content, Visual design, Navigation, Interactivity, Learnability, Motivation to learn, Interaction with tutor)
  • Experience on MOVE-ON Application (Overall Satisfaction, Factors defining Experience, Perceived strengths, Willing to adopt, Frequency of usage estimated).

The methodology for the assessment of the MOVE-ON system was planned on different stages:

  • a first Internal assessment made by partners (ITD, EDEN) not involved in the development of the system and of the contents. In this first phase, they sent remarks and suggestions to correct mistakes or improve the usage of the system, that were then kept into account and implemented by the application and content developers (EXODUS, ALBA, COREP).
  • A live demonstration and questionnaire to be filled by participants of the MOVE-ON workshop in Porto (Portugal). Feedback was collected from 70 participants.
  • an "Alpha test", item sampling and revision performed by 19 expert application reviewers identified within the partnership organization. This step allowed some improvements in the system and the tuning for the pilot experiment design with real external users.
  • a Final pilot trial with more than 200 users, to which the system was delivered, together with an ad hoc web-based questionnaire to gather feedback (249 registered users, 119 questionnaires filled).
  • final improvement to the system according to feedback collected in this assessment.

Conclusions of the evaluation steps confirmed the validity of the system. Resulting MOVE-ON key strength factors have been: new, cool interface, fun to use, ease of use, special to mention its capability of responding to users' needs and interest for content, used most often on the move and powerful for learning enhancement.

MOVE-ON confirmed how in the anytime learning, the distinctive aspects of mobile learning are its mobility, the informally arranged context where participants can learn, and the interaction between learning and portable technology as driving factors that can promote adult learning on the move and increase their motivation and willing to adopt new approach and model in mobile learning.

Users commented on MOVE-ON:

"The whole concept is very interesting and innovative."
"I like that I could download the courses online but access them offline later when I have no mobile internet access"
"Easy to understand"
"Compact text. Gives the required message very quickly"
"It works fast and it is stable".
"Excellent idea, the course was easier, less challenging than anticipated but useful and easily understandable, I am intrigued to explore other courses as well"
"It's a good app and a brilliant idea which will help us to improve our knowledge, using our free time with an interesting way. Well done. "
"Online education offers flexibility for participants who have other commitments".
"Easy to navigate and the content is very easily perceived. "
"A great experience in managing to achieve optimum results in limited time available by means of mobile technology"
"I think the course was well structured and with enough information to be understood without become boring"
"You can learn something instead of just playing games while waiting in lines"
"Modern and amusing application for students"

For more details on the MOVE-ON evaluation results, please refer to the Assessment Report.



Last update: 11 April 2013

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